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last changeFri, 19 Sep 2014 19:38:48 +0000 (21:38 +0200)
36 hours ago Aaron Durbinbaytrail/rambi: spi, charger, and audio updates 33/6933/2 master
36 hours ago Duncan Lauriechrome ec: Add support for limiting charger current 25/6925/3
36 hours ago Isaac Christensenexynos5250: remove unused ret variable in cpu.c 26/6926/3
39 hours ago Edward O'Callaghanmainboard/lenovo/t530: Make native VGA init 'user-friendly' 03/6903/2
2 days ago Duncan Lauriesamus: Enable XHCI mode by default 08/6908/2
2 days ago Duncan Laurielynxpoint: Don't enable SMI handling of TCO 07/6907/2
3 days ago Shawn Nematbakhshrambi/baytrail: ACPI, GPIO, audio, misc updates 16/6916/2
3 days ago Ronald G. Minnichslippy: remove FUI support 13/6913/2
3 days ago David Hendricksspi: add Kconfig variable for dual-output read enable 09/6909/2
3 days ago Stefan Reinauerpnp: Allow setting of misc register 0xf4 in device... 10/6910/2
5 days ago Gabe Blacklibpayload: x86: Add support for catching processor... 98/6898/2
5 days ago Gabe Blacklibpayload: Add a timer_us() function. 97/6897/2
5 days ago Ronald G. Minnichcbfstool: add aarch64 as a name 96/6896/2
5 days ago Julius Wernerexynos5250: Fix PMU register address map 92/6892/2
5 days ago Gabe Blacklibpayload: Add wrappers for malloc which check its... 90/6890/3
5 days ago Julius Wernerarm: Remove CAR_MIGRATE Kconfig and associated cruft 88/6888/3
3 years ago 4.0 We call coreboot "4.0" now
36 hours ago master
5 months ago experimental