2015-02-04 Alexandru Gagniuccpu/intel: Add haswell microcode (306cx and 4065x) 57/8357/1 master
2015-02-04 Alexandru Gagniuccpu/intel: Add model 306ax microcode 18/5118/2
2015-02-04 Alexandru Gagniuccpu/intel: Add microcode files for supported CPUs 28/4528/6
2015-01-31 Alexandru Automatically generate include... 29/4529/3
2014-12-16 Bruce GriffithAGESA Version: Upgrade 00630F01 (Bald Eagle) to v1... 67/7667/4
2014-12-16 Bruce GriffithAGESA Version: Upgrade 00730F01 (Steppe Eagle) to v1... 66/7666/4
2014-12-16 Bruce GriffithAMD 3rdparty PI: Make gcc-intrin.h match open-source... 83/7783/4
2014-11-28 Zheng BaoAMD Steppe Eagle: Update the Steppe Eagle SMU Firmware 21/7321/4
2014-11-21 Bruce GriffithAGESA binary PI: Add CONST to Azalia fields in callback... 44/7244/7
2014-11-21 Bruce GriffithAGESA binary PI: Update the Bald Eagle binary 47/7547/1
2014-11-20 Bruce GriffithAMD KaveriPI: Add PI header files to support binary... 91/6591/4
2014-11-19 Bruce GriffithAMD AGESA: Move Bald Eagle BLOB to highlight only suppo... 90/6590/3
2014-11-07 Marc Jonesqualcomm: Add IPQ8064 firmware placeholder
2014-08-28 Bruce GriffithAMD Steppe Eagle: Add Platform Security Processor Binaries 24/6624/4
2014-08-28 Bruce GriffithAMD MullinsPI: Add PI header files to support binary... 93/6593/4
2014-08-28 Bruce GriffithAMD AGESA: Move Steppe Eagle BLOB to highlight only... 92/6592/4
2014-07-28 Bruce GriffithAMD AGESA: Move Bald Eagle AGESA BLOB from CPU to new... 89/6389/3
2014-07-28 Bruce GriffithAMD AGESA: Add BLOBs to support AMD Embedded "Steppe... 74/6274/5
2014-07-15 Martin Rothsb/amd/hudson: update imc.bin to v1.0.11 68/6168/3
2014-07-12 Martin Rothsb/amd/hudson: update XHCI rom to v1.0.0.48 67/6167/2
2014-07-07 Bruce GriffithWhitespace: Fix whitespace in AMD release notes 19/6219/1
2014-07-07 Bruce GriffithAMD AGESA: Add BLOBs to support AMD Embedded "Bald... 18/6218/1
2014-02-27 Alexandru Gagniuccpu/intel: Add microcode extractor script from main... 27/4527/3
2014-01-02 Patrick Georgisystemagent-r6: improve boot time on sandy bridge 05/4605/1
2013-07-10 Siyuan WangAMD Yangtze: add IMC and xHCI blobs for new southbridge 36/3736/2
2013-07-09 Stefan Reinauerexynos5420: add BL1 binary 39/3739/1
2013-07-09 Stefan Reinauerexynos5250: change BL1 binary name to bl1.bin 38/3738/1
2013-06-21 Stefan ReinauerNew system agent binary for SandyBridge/IvyBridge 14/3514/1
2013-03-11 Stefan ReinauerBinaries for Google Stout platform 34/2634/1
2013-02-21 Stefan ReinauerBinaries for Google Link platform 79/2479/1
2013-02-11 Stefan ReinauerBinaries for Google Butterfly platform 57/2357/1
2013-01-05 Stefan ReinauerAdd dummy bootblock for Exynos E5250 09/2109/1
2012-12-11 Stefan ReinauerBinaries for Google Parrot platform 23/2023/1
2012-11-16 Stefan ReinauerNew system agent binaries for SandyBridge/IvyBridge 78/1878/1
2012-11-09 Stefan ReinauerAdd necessary blobs for Intel Emerald Lake 2 12/1812/1
2012-11-09 Stefan ReinauerAdd Firmware Descriptor and VGA Option ROM for Lumpy 11/1811/1
2012-11-09 Stefan ReinauerAdd firmware descriptor and VGA BIOS for Lumpy 10/1810/1
2012-07-16 zbaoFirmware for hudson 30/1230/1
2012-04-30 Patrick GeorgiMove files out of "3rdparty"
2012-04-29 Patrick GeorgiAdd Geode LX VSA
2012-04-14 Ron Minnichme binaries
2012-04-14 Ron MinnichMRC for sandybridge
2012-04-16 Ronald G. MinnichInitial empty repository